The choices of paint coatings to protect steel structures according to climatic conditions given as follows:

By relying on in house modern laboratory equipment and high-tech technology, we are set to broaden the customers’ knowledge about deciding on the right corrosion resistant coating system for protecting metal structures.

Two-component polyurethane coatings: two components epoxy zinc-rich powder coating and two-component intermediate layer Epoxy polyimide suitable for corrosive environments with high humidity, UV resistant, approximate thickness of the last layer (polyurethane) 180-200 μ, the guarantee period is 5 years.

The proposed system suitable for corrosive environments and industrial areas with high humidity and corrosive atmosphere, exposed to impact and wear, hot galvanized coating, with a thickness of approximately 70-80 microns, by applying two-component polyurethane final finish color, the durability of which in these environments  is at least 5 years.


Terms of Guarantee

The guarantee period will be valid from date of production.

The guarantee will not cover to the products:


After Sales Services

The after-sales service involves the responsibility   of installation, lights malfunctioning or any improper coatings.